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Patricia Perales Garcia – An inner landscape

Copenhagen based Spanish artist Patricia Perales Garcia is a master within colours and her Spanish roots can easily be seen in her surroundings – from the warm clear colours used in her art pieces to the ocher yellow on the walls in her bedroom. Because waking up in a warm room is important for her well-being when living in the cold North, as she explains.

Patricia grew up in the small Spanish town Burgos and spent her school years in a catholic school run by nuns:

“I went to the same school for 15 years and to be honest I always wanted to leave Spain as I felt I was not able to fully breath in my hometown. I was longing for a clean canvas and wanted to explore the world.”

When she turned 19, she moved to Madrid to study costume design and continued her education in Florence, Italy and ended up in London working for different fashion brands. However, she soon found out that the fashion industry was not as she had expected, and she slowly started to work more intensively with her other favorite occupation: clay.

“At that point I had already worked with clay for a couple of years and wanted to find my own way within ceramics. I like when things are raw and to leave the surface open instead of covering it up. This is also the reason why I never use glazes. To me it seems so claustrophobic,” she says.

During lockdown she started to develop her signature textile panels that combine her passion for textiles and clay:

“Each day was a repetition of the day before. At the same time, I started to notice all the small differences in my everyday life,” she says. As she was unable to go to her ceramic studio, she decided to use what she had at home which included an archive of old fabrics.

“I started to create long panels sewn together by small pieces of white painted fabrics, gathered through the years. Each of them contained a story, and together they formed a canvas – or backdrop of memories – on which new stories could be unfolded. This became a symbol of both repetition and change for me.”

Currently Patricia works on some smaller reliefs also combining textiles and clay where the frame is constructed in unglazed ceramics and the canvas is made of stitched old textiles.

“I wanted the frame to be open so that the art piece is able to breath,” she says about the two sided frame and continues:

“I am very interested in how your inner place is reflected in what you are doing. Where are you coming from and where are you going. I recently did a test relief of a naked woman in a warm yellow landscape. She is moving out of the picture, still holding on to the past with a sewing needle in her hand. At the same time, the thread from the needle goes through her body, symbolizing the past and what lies ahead.”

We cannot help thinking that the test relief has a hidden reference to Patricia’s own life, also in relation to the open frame in unglazed clay that makes it possible for the piece to breath.

Could this be her own inner landscape? “I am not sure, but it could be the case,” she says.

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