How To Care For Your Product

We believe that you should love and care for your garment, use it for many years, and repair it when broken.It is important to Skall Studio that the sustainable circle does not end at the moment of purchase. We would like to guide our customers on how to best care for their garments.

Wash & Care

Overall, we recommend to avoid excessive wash. This way you act more environment friendly, and you prolong the nice and fresh look of your garment.- if you just need to freshen up your garment, hang it outside to be aired.- hand wash, if possible. Or machine wash at max 30 degrees.

Cotton and linen products can of course be washed at 40 degrees, if needed.- use only environmentally friendly detergents, and use detergents without bleach.

Look for the EU Eco-label.- do not use fabric softener- avoid tumble drying - we recommend to use a washing bag when washing garment of delicate or sheer fabrics

Delicate Materials

Silk is a delicate material and must be treated as such. We recommend that you air the garment by hanging it outside instead of washing. If you need to wash, hand wash in cold water.  Skall Studio often mix silk with other fibers such as cotton, for a more durable material. We recommend to wash silk styles using a washing bag.  Wool has natural cleaning abilities, and therefore the products do not need wash often. Wool styles must be handled with care. Avoid excessive wash. Use airing instead - actually misty or moist weather is perfect to refreshen your wool garment.

Hand wash or machinewash on cold wool program only. Use special wool detergent.  If you have any doubt on how to care for your Skall Studio product, please always refer to the carelabel inside the garment. If this does not give you sufficient information, please feel free to contact Skall Studio for advice.

Repair & Fit

If your garment is broken, we recommend that you repair it. Do it yourself, or consult a tailor. If your Skall Studio garment is broken, we will be more than happy to help you with the repair.

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Make sure that your garment has the perfect fit. Even though we do our best to develop styles that will fit most people, we are all different. And thanks for that! If you have some nice garments in your wardrobe that you never use because the sleeves are too long, or the style may fit you better by adding an extra button, then let a tailor help you, to get the perfect fit.

Continue The Sustainable Cycle

When you do not want to use your clothes anymore, make sure it is re-used. Either by selling it, donating it for recycling, or maybe someone close to you - family or friends, would be happy to take over, what you do not need anymore.

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